Month: July 2019

Quinoa Tabbouleh Lebanese-style (SIBO-friendly)

Looking for a IBS and SIBO-friendly – and portable – summer lunch idea? I love the freshness and warm, aromatic spiciness of this vegan quinoa tabbouleh – and it’s IBS-friendly too. This tabbouleh uses gut-friendly, high-protein quinoa instead of couscous (couscous is made of wheat flour). Traditional middle-Eastern tabbouleh uses […]

Can you eat rice on a low FODMAP diet?

Many of us with IBS or SIBO find that rice is usually doesn’t trigger our symptoms – but is it low FODMAP and is it OK to eat or not?ย  I thought Iโ€™d do some digging and find out. The answer, it seems, is not as straightforward as I expected […]

low FODMAP vegan protein powder

Best low FODMAP vegan protein powders

In the middle of a busy day, I often resort to a protein-powder & fruit smoothie for lunch as itโ€™s an easy and super-quick solution when I am tired and short on time. I have to follow a low FODMAP diet and I am also plant based, so which is […]

Low FODMAP vegan diet: a step by step guide

Starting out on a low FODMAP diet can be bewildering – and even more so if you’re following a plant-based lifestyle. In this post, I share be key lessons I have learned on how to follow a low FODMAP vegan diet and get my symptoms well and truly under control. […]


Low FODMAP vegan foods with the highest protein are shelled hemp seed, tofu, white almond butter, quinoa and chia seed. All are super affordable, easy to find in supermarkets and kind to your gut! 1. Quinoa: ‘The Staple’ One typical adult serving of quinoa (around half a cup or 90g […]

6 Best Tofu Presses – reviews

My favourite tofu press is made by Tofuture – just set it up and leave it: simples! There are many other tofu presses on market from minimalist to traditional bamboo. To the uninitiated, tofu can seem bland and a bit soggy. If this is your view too, I’d say: don’t […]