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Lunch & Mains

Creamy Broccoli, Leek & Almond soup (vegan)

This soup is paleo, low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and high fibre. What makes it creamy if there’s no dairy, I hear you ask? It’s all in the white almond butter, baby! White almond butter is SUCH a versatile ingredient…

Lunch & Mains

Quinoa Tabbouleh Lebanese-style (SIBO-friendly)

Looking for a IBS and SIBO-friendly – and portable – summer lunch idea? I love the freshness and warm, aromatic spiciness of this vegan quinoa tabbouleh – and it’s IBS-friendly too. This tabbouleh uses gut-friendly, high-protein quinoa instead of couscous (couscous is made of wheat flour). Traditional middle-Eastern tabbouleh uses […]

Diet & Lifestyle

6 Best Tofu Presses – reviews

My favourite tofu press is made by Tofuture – just set it up and leave it: simples! There are many other tofu presses on market from minimalist to traditional bamboo. To the uninitiated, tofu can seem bland and a bit soggy. If this is your view too, I’d say: don’t […]

Breakfast, desserts & snacks


With the gentle sweetness of Jaggery (unrefined cane sugar) and maple syrup, this granola is ideal paired with unsweetened coconut or almond yoghurt and fresh fruit – and a drizzle of white almond butter, of course! Jaggery is an Indian/Asian/African unrefined cane sugar that has its’ molasses – and therefore […]

Lunch & Mains

Wild Garlic Pesto

A deeply aromatic pesto with a spicy kick. Wild garlic has a short season – so make it while you can! Wild garlic can be found in damp, woodland areas, usually near streams from March to May. Pick the smallest leaves as these have the best flavour, ideally before the […]